Thinking Food is a collaborative effort at the University of Minnesota, facilitated by Tracey Deutsch (History), Imagine Chair in Arts, Design and Humanities, 2016-18, and joined by Jigna Desai (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies),  Greg Donofrio (Architecture), Lorena Muñoz (Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies and American Studies), Virajita Singh (Center of Sustainable Building Research and Architecture), Randall Hanson (Geography, University of Minnesota-Duluth), and Catherine Squires (Communication). We are grateful to the Office of the Provost and the Imagine Fund for their financial support.

We support nascent efforts at interdisciplinary and publicly engaged work by scholars on campus and try to link them to important off-campus activists, artists, and policymakers.  We also encourage new efforts to theorize around food, from both inside and outside the academy. Our efforts create frameworks through which isolated or inchoate efforts at engaged food studies scholarship will become sharper, deeper, richer, more legible, more visible, and more generative.   We hope to help build a more democratic and better-informed public conversation about food politics both locally and globally.